Awareness Campaigns

5MBCF promotes and collaborates with Multi-channel campaigns that raise awareness about ocean pollution

5MBCF’s purpose as an organization is to look for solutions. 5MBCF has initiated campaigns in Costa Rica and partnered with organizations around the world to educate, lobby and advocate for the oceans, create sustainability programs and projects which can be replicated throughout the world.

5 Minute Foundation - Education

#SeaMyMask Campaign

Due to the current COVID- 19 pandemic the urgency of 5MBCF’s call to action has heightened. Since the pandemic emerged, oceans have already seen a significant increase in pollution in the form of masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. A study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal estimates that nearly 130 billion facemasks and 65 billion gloves are being used each month around the world. While they are needed to ensure personal safety, it is important to recognize the danger that these single-use products pose to our oceans and marine life.

Understanding the necessity of personal protective gear and the need to maintain single-use gear for medical professionals, 5MBCF has created a reusable mask meeting all medical and local standards. It is now being sold online and through local distributors as part of one of the organization’s local campaigns. All proceeds from this project are being channeled to support the distribution of reusable, sustainable masks in marginalized neighborhoods throughout Costa Rica.

5MBCF also created a global campaign in collaboration with influencer and activist, Marina Testino, and Earth Partner — a division under Art Partner’s Agency in London — in a powerful campaign to bring awareness and urge people to wear a mask #SeaMyMask.

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