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Through innovation and collaboration, 5MBCF is constantly developing new programs that inspire people to contribute to a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.


Costa Rica discards 550 tons—the equivalent to 15 trucks—of plastic a day, 80% of which reaches the ocean, according to the United Nations. Of the remaining, 11% ends up in landfills affecting the environment, and only 9% is recycled.

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Trace your Plastic

Through the Trace Your Plastic model, we aim to upcycle marine debris that is collected through cleanups using innovation, technology and design. 5MBCF aims to create a circular economy model in its communities by transforming recycled marine plastic into high-value products. This model will help coastal communities become more sustainable by increasing revenue potential and most importantly, breaking the cycle of pollution by preventing plastic from re-entering the ocean. Key to this model is understanding that our resources are limited and that we need to reuse to be able to reduce our carbon footprint and reject virgin material from entering the marketplace.

How it works?

  • We collect marine plastic once considered “garbage”

  • Inventory on the waste collected allows us to create data and Information

  • Provides innovative technological solutions to deal with waste issues

  • The material is recycled and transformed into a valuable product

  • The product is commercialized and a new circular economy model is created

  • The consumer has the opportunity to help clean the oceans and to understand and educate themselves on the existing problem.

  • Employment opportunities are created

  • By giving marine plastic a value, we are creating cleanups and more job opportunities

The Circular Economy

This project is a public-private partnership, working in conjunction with Costa Rican universities who are researching the technology and working with software developers to create blockchain technology where the plastic can be traced. Once 5MBCF is able to create a product and prove its efficiency, the organization aims to replicate the model globally.


    Each product that 5MBCF creates from recovered plastics will have an added value – its story. The message that each product carries will help educate the consumer on the urgency of reducing single use plastics.


    5MBCF will use Blockchain technology to provide traceability of the product – showing where the product comes from and how it is contributing to a clean environment.

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