We are educating the youth about plastic pollution and the effects it has on our planet and teaching how to create sustainable and powerful change worldwide.

Ocean Heroes

A one-week educational curriculum designed for elementary students from public and private school sectors.

Ocean Heroes educational program teaches the importance of conscious consumption, the global impact our oceans have in day to day life, and the negative effects of plastic pollution. 5MBCF works with schools around the world by providing students with an in-class, multimedia educational experience. 5MBCF believes that education at a young age will create sustainable and powerful change.

5 Minute Foundation - Education

Ocean Heroes was created in partnership with former Costa Rican president and co-founder of Ocean Unite, Jose Maria Figueres, in San José, Costa Rica. 5MBCF received a Commitment to Action with the help of the Clinton Foundation which has helped fund and grow the Ocean Heroes program.

Ocean Heroes addresses the importance of oceans for all life on Earth and how people can act to protect the oceans from pollution deriving from houses, offices, schools, etc.

The program’s highlights include:

  • Engaging students ages 7-10 yrs from public and private schools across Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

  • Leveraging new multimedia teaching resources including videos and online toolkits.

  • Fostering of collaboration between youth and elder populations to transform consumer plastic use habits.

  • Attaining recognition from the Clinton Global Initiative as a Commitment to Action.

  • Designing a program that can be replicated across regions.

Do you want to have an Ocean Hero Program in your school?