Plastic Recovery

We organize cleanups to recover plastic from oceans, beaches, and other waterways and inspire to change consumer habits through action!

Beach Cleanups

5 Minute Foundation - Education


5 Minute Beach Cleanup Foundation has tracked more than 35,000 beach cleanups on their social channels with their hashtag:

The 5MBCF’s first initiative, and the source of its name, is the "5 Minute Beach Cleanup" program. We combine educational material with hands-on activity at a location that is one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution: the beach. 5MBCF coordinates with corporations, hotels and schools to clean the most polluted beaches in Costa Rica. We are creating partnerships across sectors by fomenting lasting alliances between the private/public sector, the corporate and non-profit worlds, often private organizations and companies sponsor 5MBC’S cleanups and work with local police or national guard for logistics planning in the most polluted regions of Costa Rica.

5 Minute Foundation - Education

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Friends of the Ocean

Friends of the Ocean is an educational-sustainability program designed for hotels and the global tourism industry.

Friends of the Ocean was born out of the urgency for hotels and restaurants to reduce the impact that tourism has on our oceans. By promoting a simple and effective solution (beach cleanups) to guests and leveraging their proximity to beaches and coasts, the tourism industry can significantly change its relationship with the environment in Costa Rica and beyond. We work with the tourism industry to reduce its impact on oceans and to be a part of the solution by creating a feel good educational experience that also serves as a recycling center for marine plastic.

Partner hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, and cruiselines offer a 5-minute beach cleanup activity that allows guests to learn more about the problem of pollution in the world’s oceans and how they can make an impact. 5MBCF places a station at every affiliated hotel where guests can deposit trash recovered from the ocean and beaches.

Some of the Hotels we work with:

  • The Nantipa Hotel

  • Aguas Claras Hotel

  • Costa Rica Marriott Hotels

As Costa Rica is a pioneer in eco-tourism, it is perfectly positioned to lead by example. Friends of the Ocean is also designed to implement a circular economy project in Costa Rica called Trace Your Plastic which seeks to certify plastic-free restaurants and hotels.

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